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Kalimantan Academic Network (KAN) is a dynamic and visionary organization dedicated to advancing education, research, and innovation in the Kalimantan region. Established in 2023, KAN has grown into a trusted and influential institution, serving as a catalyst for academic excellence and collaboration. With a focus on promoting educational development and scholarly advancement, we strive to connect academics, researchers, and institutions to create a vibrant academic community.

We envision Kalimantan as a thriving hub of knowledge and innovation, where academic institutions, researchers, and students work together to address regional and global challenges. KAN aspires to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Our mission is to empower the minds of individuals, institutions, and communities by facilitating educational opportunities, fostering research endeavors, and promoting innovation. We are committed to nurturing talent, promoting academic integrity, and contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.

The Kalimantan Academic Network (KAN) was founded with the clear purpose of advancing education, research, and innovation in the Kalimantan region, shaping a brighter future for its communities and beyond. To achieve this goal a number of organizational programs have been set, namely:

  1. Promote Academic Excellence. Foster a culture of excellence in education and research through collaboration, networking, and resource sharing among member institutions.
  2. Facilitate Research. Provide a platform for interdisciplinary research initiatives that address the unique challenges and opportunities in Kalimantan.
  3. Support Innovation. Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by connecting academia with industry and facilitating technology transfer.
  4. Community Engagement. Engage with local communities through educational outreach programs, scholarships, and capacity-building initiatives.
  5. Global Partnerships. Establish strategic partnerships with international academic institutions and organizations to broaden our reach and impact.

Now we invite you to join the Kalimantan Academic Network and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to advancing education, research, and innovation. Your involvement can make a meaningful contribution to the development of Kalimantan and the betterment of society.